Superior Home Health’s Registered Nurses oversee caregivers, provide medical assessments, and study and update client care plans. They also work along with the licensed vocational nurses to ensure proper care is practiced for
each patient.

The Superior Home Health Wound Care Program is a specialty program that focuses not only on the treatment and healing of wounds, but also on the patient’s overall health. Our nurse wound specialists give unique and expert care under a patient’s physician orders to ensure our patients reach optimal healing and positive results.

Superior’s staff understands the complex nature of wound treatment and healing. Our wound care program is a multidisciplinary approach in which we treat wounds, as well as, the underlying disease process and cause of wounds. We employ certified wound care nurses to support our commitment to our patient’s healing and comfort while under Superior’s care, as well as following discharge.

Superior Home Health Wound Care Program centers on the following:

  • Certified Wound Care Nurses
  • Evidence-based treatment protocols based on standards of care made by professional wound care organizations.
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Continuous assessment and reassessment of wounds, patient care and change in the treatment plan as needed
  • Collaboration with the patient’s physician
  • Patient comfort
  • Progressive wound care products and medications
  • Outcome measurement and reporting


Our goal is to optimize our patient’s healing time and promote the best possible health outcomes. In addition, our staff is highly trained and uses clinically proven products. Certainly, we make certain our patients are getting superior care.

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