How is Care Provided?

Personalized care will take place at the comfort and convenience in the patient’s home.

The care will be focused on each patient and during each visit the patient is evaluated to ensure the proper level of care is being provided.

Home Health patients must be under the care of a doctor for the home health diagnosis. We will coordinate with your doctor for you. Home health patients must have a skilled need. This means you must need the particular services of a registered nurse or licensed therapist, as opposed to only needing home health aide services.

Home health patients must also meet the definition of homebound. This means either leaving the home unnecessarily is medically contraindicated or that a patient needs the help of a person or device (e.g. crutches or walker) to leave the home. Because leaving the home is currently difficult, unnecessary trips away from the home are currently infrequent and of short duration.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Treat all patients with dignity and respect.
  • Value teamwork.
  • We are only as good as our last patient’s outcome; therefore, we constantly strive to improve our patients’ satisfaction and functional gains.
  • Above all, we are passionate patient caregivers and team members. The treatment needs of our patients is what connects all of us at our core.
  • Embrace the challenge of reaching maximum, measurable patient outcomes. For instance, we give affordable, cost-effective care.
  • Promote a healing and nurturing environment by each of our staff. So, responding to the medical, physical, psychological and social needs of our patients.
  • Respect the regulatory environment in which we operate. Certainly, performance inspections will be built into the growth of all business lines.
  • Recognize our duty as a corporate citizen, with a charitable intent toward each of the communities that we serve.
  • Educate on tools to keep patients safely in their homes; so it brings comfort, safety and security to families.
  • Be dedicated to meeting the patient’s needs and goals. Our flexibility includes visiting times, scheduling, and other aspects to meet the patient and caregiver/family needs.

Our Goals

  • Give the highest quality of life to our patients by giving personal, efficient, and efficient care in the home care setting.
  • Assist patients in getting to their top level of independence, and maintain active and productive lives.
  • Provide home health care, thus allowing patients to recover and/or rehabilitate in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Allow patients to remain at their home with their families as long as possible.
  • Help family members and/or patients in acquiring the health care needed and to provide them with fitting services.

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